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2 Thoughts on “6款翻书效果jQuery插件推荐

  1. Hi,

    You present Flippage, one of my plugins here, Thank you 😉

    Today, I would like present to you my lastest plugins for jQuery if you want present some of its plugins on your website:
    * jQuery.pluginautoload: Load your plugins on html DOM without javascript code
    ( http://marcbuils.github.com/jquery.pluginautoload/ )

    * jQuery.waiting: A plugin to wait a fixed time since the last call only
    ( http://marcbuils.github.com/jquery.waiting/ )

    * jQuery.WebcamQRCode: QR Code scanning in jQuery
    ( http://marcbuils.github.com/jquery.webcamqrcode/ )



    • liuyanghejerry on 2012 年 10 月 23 日 at 16:19 said:

      My pleasure, sir. And I suggest that if you could translate descriptions of your plugins on your sites into English, which will attract more users.:)

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